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Papers and Preprints

All my papers are available on Arxiv (but the published version may slightly differ).

  1. Entropy minimale dans les espaces localement symétriques, Ph. D. dissertation .pdf.
  2. Minimal entropy for uniform lattices in products of hyperbolic planes .pdf, Comm. Math. Helv. Vol. 91 (2016) Issue 1, 107--129.
  3. A curvature-free Log (2k-1) theorem, with F. Balacheff .pdf, Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, Vol. 151 (2023), 2429--2434.
  4. On the volume entropy of Hilbert geometries of low regularity, with J. Cristina .pdf, accepted in Geom. Dedicata.
  5. A note on the degenerations of Morse actions .pdf, permanent preprint.
  6. Bending laminations on convex hulls of Anti-de Sitter quasicircles, with J-M. Schlenker .pdf, Proc. London Math. Soc., Vol. 123 (2021), Issue 4, 410--432
  7. Here is a webseminar where I report on this paper.
  8. A Finsler counterexample to the Croke conjecture for the systolic ratio on the 2-sphere, with G. Buro .pdf, submitted (2021).
  9. C0-robustness of topological entropy for geodesic flows, with M. Alves, L. Dahinden and M. Miewes .pdf, Journal of fixed point theory and applications, Vol. 24 (2022), Issue 2.

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